the issue


High-speed Internet and broadband capabilities can no longer be considered a “luxury.” Indeed, Internet is considered a utility and a critical necessity for schools, families, libraries, business and agri-business owners, medical providers, farmers and emergency services personnel.  The goal is to provide access to high speed internet throughout Leelanau County.


current reality


The Leelanau Peninsula Economic Foundation (LPEF) convened a study through its Leelanau Internet Futures Team (LIFT) to examine the status of high speed internet in Leelanau County.  The LIFT Committee, in partnership with Connect Michigan, began by conducting a survey of Leelanau County residents and stakeholders to assess the current status of broadband access, adoption and use in Leelanau.  The survey was designed to identify areas lacking broadband access in order to develop mechanisms that would promote expansion of services attracting additional providers.  




Results from the survey were analyzed and an action plan created for leveraging technology to improve quality of life and advanced community and economic development.   Currently the LIFT committee is completing one-on-one meetings with individual service providers.   A final report with recommendations for achieving the goal of expanding high speed internet throughout Leelanau will be provided to the LPEF in November. 


to get involved


Contact Patricia Soutas-Little, LPEF Board Member